Character Entertainers for Hire

Costumed Fun Any Time!

Does your child have a favorite show? A personal hero? We have costumes to fit imaginations of any shape and size! Princesses, monsters, superheroes, and everything in between. Our seasoned performers arrive to lead party games, sing alongs, or art projects, before discreetly transforming into your little one’s favorite character for a meet and greet, followed by even more fun!  Santa is preparing his entrance soon so reserve your elves, and holiday festivities.

We have over 50 costumes to choose from and are constantly updating our inventory. Call us for specific character inquiries.
We do not carry copyrighted characters.

*Clowns (Male or Female)
*Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Elves
*Mr or Miss Mouse
*Prince or Princess
*Pirate (Male or Female)
*Sharks (Yellow, Pink, Blue)
*Pink Fox
*Avenging Heroes (Captain USA, Thor, Spider, Iron, Hulke, Widow)
*Super Man & Super Girl
*Bat Hero and Robin Hero
*Female Heroes (Wonderous Woman, Cat, Bat)
*Turtle Ninjas, Ninja Clowns
*Red Ranger
*Yellow Bee Car & Optimist Primer Car
*Villains (Mr. Ice, Mega Villain, Skeleton)
*Red Love Monster, Blue Love Monster, and Abby Cadabra
*Space Toy, Cowboy Toy, Cowgirl Toy
*Winter Queen / Princess
*Police Dog, Flight Dog, Sky Dog, Bull Dog
*Mr Sponge
*Hello Kitten
*Doctor Stuff
*Poo Bear
*Pink Pig & Blue Pig
*Bunny Rabbit or Easter Bunny
*Super Mario
*Jester or Mime
*Queen of Hearts
*Gorilla Ape or Monkey
*Elvis (The King)
*DJ Rocker – Yoo Gaba
*Gold or Silver Hero
*Sheriff or State Trooper

We’ll Bring Our Friends If You Bring Yours!

Discounts Available for Booking Multiple Performers


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